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Lonely Boy (Instagram)

#ottmusic weekly: 9 new songs added to the @apt613 playlist

By Apartment613 on November 22, 2021



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New adds this week

Kicking off with Cody Coyote’s new Zaagi’idiwin EP (which means “Mutual love” in Ojibwe), there’s more fresh #ottmusic in store for listeners this week

With today’s new adds, we’ve also caught up on a few releases missed in early November. If you hear something music writers have missed, please let us know in the comments below! Every song added by December 20th will be considered for the best of #ottmusic weekly 2021 playlists.

Introspective hip hop: “Two Worlds” by Cody Coyote. From the new Zaagi’idiwin EP// [Soundcloud]

Upbeat indie pop: ”Leonard” by Peter Jessy // [Website]

Trap, rap: “Bounce” by T. Chandy ft. Banggz // [Instagram]

Modern Slow Jam: ”Sussex Drive” by Lonely Boy. From the newly released Lonely Ppl Vol. 1 // [Instagram]

Pop-Punk: ”Without Me” by Naevius // [Instagram]

Pop Ballad: ”Weren’t Ready” by Carter Hickey // [Instagram]

Indie Rock Anthem: ”Find a Reason” by Bristol Mines. Off the newly released EP Easy Target // [Website]

Celtic Power Rock: ”All Over Again” by Fiùran // [Website]

Folk-Rock Love Song: ”After Work” by Dan Petti // [Website]

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