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Photo: Night Lovell

#ottmusic weekly: 6 new songs added to the @apt613 playlist

By Apartment613 on February 8, 2021

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“Counting Down The List” by Night Lovell // Ottawa’s moody maestro of trap music is here with “Counting Down The List.” After a couple of days on Soundcloud, the new track is already getting plays from nearly 100,000 listeners worldwide. It probably won’t stop there either. Lovell has Spotify tracks with tens of millions of streams and one with over 100 million. [Soundcloud]

“tell me it’s true.” by Maurice Moore // Along with this live and uncut basement video that, I have to say, really shows off his vocal chops, Ottawa R&B star Maurice Moore released this sweet new single we missed in the last update to #ottmusic weekly. [Soundcloud]

“Suicide Kingdom” by HILOTRONS // A month out from the release of Lonely Cinema, his first album in years, experimental pop-rock artist HILOTRONS aka Mike Dubue is still releasing new music. The new single “Suicide Kingdom” also comes with a music video shot and edited by Dubue himself. [Bandcamp]

“Water Court” by Nick Schofield // Because he’s been featured in #ottmusic weekly and selected for’s Video of the Week recently, we sure hope this isn’t the first you’re hearing of Nick Schofield’s new album! On Glass Gallery, the Ottawa-born composer took his inspiration from several visits to the National Gallery of Canada. If you’ve ever paused in the NGC’s Water Court Foyer—a room which shimmers with natural light filtered through a pool of water above skylights on the top floor—then we think you’ll enjoy this ambient instrumental. [Bandcamp]

“Time to Burn” by Michael Feuerstack // Since our last update to the playlist, Ottawa-born songwriter Michael Feuerstack released the second single from his forthcoming album, Harmonize The Moon. The full-length record is due March 5 on Canada’s Forward Music label. [Bandcamp]

“Winter Song” by Isaac Vallentin // Indie songwriter Isaac Vallentin, formerly a featured musician in Ottawa bands Pony Girl and Josef Pollock, released his third solo record on the weekend. A note from Vallentin says the new album was recorded and mixed in just three days. [Bandcamp]

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