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Asuqomo - Photo by Tani Olorunyomi

#ottmusic weekly: 23 new songs added to the @apt613 playlist

By Michael Bercier on February 14, 2022

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”Yawa Dey” by Asuquomo // [Bandcamp] 

”I Don’t Need Love” by Soreel

”Outlandish” by Mazyn & Anaïs Cardot

”She Bad” by VSN J.V

”Noirceur absolue” by LeFLOFRANCO, Tha Incradouble Pack & DJ SKORPYON

”Caicos” by NLN

”Lockdown” by J. Morris, IAmSoulful & Mischa – Produced by Quest. Check out the official video here

”mulligan.” by yujen

”Hip Hop” by T MAY

”Street Lullaby” by Eazy Finesse (Released Jan 28, 2022)

”Because of You” by Almyr JulesJahmeema – Off the newly released EP Levels

”Bring Me Away” by Burke JohnsonTreus Jones

”Forever” by Mahey – Produced by Josh Hart

”Sugar Kane” by Fred Paci, Bunky, Chill SelectMax Kane // [Website]

”Jacob Rose” by Andy Shauf // [Website]

”College Kid” by Children of Indigo

”Love” (John Lennon cover) by Kathleen Edwards // [Website]

”Angry Young Man” by HemlockHotel

”Storybook Love” by Levi Hart // [Website]

”H O M E” by Naevius

”Figured You Out (Witch Queen)” by Double Experience // [Website]

”My Family, My Foundation” by This Disaster

”Daisy Enterprise” by Finely Tuned Elephant // [Bandcamp]

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