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Vante Poems - Photo by Yvonne Feliciano

#ottmusic weekly: 21 new songs added to the @apt613 playlist

By Michael Bercier on January 24, 2022

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Ottawa artists are keeping busy this winter and we’re here for it. This week’s update is chock-full of fresh hip hop drops with some folky tunes thrown in for good measure. We also took the chance to catch up on some releases we missed from late 2021. What’s your favourite track this week?

Dance Party Smooth Jam – ”Friday” by Vante PoemsCo Sama // [Website]

Old-School Franco Flow – ”Soroche” by D-TrackAkhenaton // [Website]

Hype-Hop – ”Already Made It” by Mazyn

Singer-Songwriter Ballad – ”All for One” by Emma Lamontagne – Recorded live at Raven Street Studios // [Website]

Alt-Folk Anthem – ”The Spaces in Between” by Amanda Rheaume // [Website]

Thick Bass Hip-Hop – ”SOON” by NLN

Stoner Rap – ”Centipede” by Deathwish. & Deucio

Celtic Country Folk Bop – ”Coal” by Jessica Pearson & the East Wind – Off the newly released album On the Line // [Website]

Indie-Folk Love Song – ”When I Had The Chance” by L.J.P. // [Bandcamp]

Jangly Indie-Rock – ”Lurch” by NO LIES (formerly known as Motherland) – Off the newly released EP Spring is Here

Auto-Tune Piano Rap – ”All Time Low” by Yvngg Skeez

Hyped Up Hip-Hop – ”ROTY” by Jonny Gems

Rock & Roll Slow Burn – ”Bückle Up” by AHRF – Off the newly released LP Extracurricular 

Smooth Raps – ”MARSHMALLOW” by Snoozy

Hip-Hop/R&B Jam – ”Thanks You!!” by MaCMuwsA // [Website]


Missed List

Drum Driven Pop-Punk – ”Radio City” by Kingfisher – Off the newly released EP Kingfisher // [Bandcamp]

Anthem Rock Power Ballad – ”Turn Around” by Fatal Vision – New band featuring members of The PepTides // [Website]

Heavy Headbanger – ”Manhattan” by Sinful Ways – Off the newly released EP Darkest Days

Horrorcore Hip-Hop – ”Don’t Go To Sleep” by Trip

Alt-Rock Bop – ”Denise” by Robby Miller // [Bandcamp]

Doomwave/Industrial Epic- ”Ash Palace” by Headless Nameless – Off the newly released album Ominus Spiritus // [Bandcamp]

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