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Photo by Dhruv Gajjar.

#ottmusic weekly: 21 new songs added to the @apt613 playlist

By Michael Bercier on January 11, 2022

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Happy 2022! We’re back from our holiday break with some fresh new music from the capital region. This week features a new EP by JFUN and an acoustic track by Almyr Jules recorded for the Oprah Network. Let us know if we missed your 2021 release in the comments below.

Trap R&B – ”SINNA” by Nagy Gogetta

Hype-Hop Banger – ”Southpaw” by Kofi Khae & Blake Alexander // [Website]

Acoustic Pop/R&B – ”For Today” by Almyr Jules // [Website]

Dreamy Indie Rock – ”To The Sea” by GREATHUNTER // [Bandcamp]

Local Love Beatles Cover – ”Rain” by Terrence & The Highflyers // [Bandcamp]

Swinging Alt-Folk – ”Ticket to a Place” by Edison Rupert // [Bandcamp]

Modern Pop/Hip-Hop Ballad – ”explain” by NLN

Electro-Experimental Slap Bass ”shit s l a p p s” by Gio // [Bandcamp]

Smooth Hip-Hop/R&B – ”Broken Mirrors” by ChuckyDaDon ft. Vante Poems

Folk-Rock Love Bop – ”Don’t Give It Back” by Dan Petti // [Website]

Darksynth/Industrial – ”Origami Man” by Jung Shadow // [Bandcamp]

Hip-Hop Heartbreak – ”Cheater” by Alex Diab ft. Benedict

Smooth Urban Pop – ”Silent Love” by Remenkimi

Chill Hip-Hop –  ”Shimmer” by Deathwish. 

Alt-Rock Slow Burn – ”Get Up” by The Riot Police // [Bandcamp]

Hype Hip-Hop – ”On est là” by LeFLOFRANCO // [Website]

Smooth R&B/Neo-Soul – ”Who We Are” by Izzy Rose

Fast Flow Hip-Hop – ”LIGHTWEEK” by NLN

R&B/Hip-Hop Slow Jam – ”Love Again” by Jahkota

Guitar Based Hip-Hop – ”On My Knees” by Aspects

Groovy Dance Party – ”Viola” by JFUN off the newly released EP Be What You Wanna Be

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