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T. Chandy & NLN. Photo: Quest

#ottmusic weekly: 17 new songs added to the @apt613 playlist

By Michael Bercier on May 24, 2022

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”Surface Level” by T. Chandy NLN – Check out the video here

”Find My Way” by TwoTiime – Check out the video here

”BADA BING FREESTYLE” by Mazyn – Check out the video here

”Electrifying” by Nicole Arrage 

”Better Off” by Andrew Cassara

”À fleur de pot” by Marie-Cloéemi – Off the newly released EP Two Lips, Pt. I. Check out the video here

”LEMONADE” by Wotts

”Drunkest Girl at the Party” by Lady Charles & Emma Oh

”Unseasonal Depression” by Adam Blasl

”Mirror” by Allie Goodyear

”bitterness across your countryside” by tin constellations

”Here to Stay” by Allysann Mei Foehring

”Pigs On The Wing” by Area Resident

”Miranda” by Guest Room Status

”St Andrews Place” by Jacquie Neville

”Pharoah Thunder” by Brian Wallin

”Midnight Oil” by Mad SeedlingFred Paci Chill Moon Music

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