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Rebelle (Facebook)

#ottmusic weekly: 13 new songs added to the @apt613 playlist

By Apartment613 and Michael Bercier on November 15, 2021

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New adds this week

From Harea Band to Mad Gamma, there are lots of fresh new #ottmusic releases to share this week—plus we catch up on a few we missed in October and early November.

Dance Party Love Song: “What Love Means” by Harea Band // [Website]    

Fuzz Filled Rock: ”Kicks” by Rebelle // [Website]

Pop Country Ditty: ”Now I’m Drunk” by Nayana // [Website]

Hardcore Rager: ”Guilty” by Carissa // [Bandcamp]

Slow Jam Hip-Hop: ”Red Silk” by JHC // [Instagram]

Arena Rock Anthem: ”Left, Right, Goodnight” by Hard Labour // [Instagram]

Folk Rock: “4 Corners” by Mad Gamma // [Website]

Acoustic Emo: ”keepmewarm.” by NKWM // [Instagram]

Pop Banger: ”in my feels” by Aiona Santana // [Instagram]

Pop-Punk: ”Australia” by Guest Room Status // [Bandcamp]

Jazz Funk Fusion: ”Pizza Song” by The Good Guys // [Facebook]

Classic Rock Ballad: ”Ready to be Written” by The Powergoats // [Bandcamp]

NSFW Hip-Hop: ”Just Being Honest” by Rico Stallone // [Soundcloud]

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