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Banngz. Photo: Quest

#ottmusic weekly: 13 new songs added to the @apt613 playlist

By Michael Bercier on May 9, 2022





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”what a day” by Banggz – Check out the video here

”Heart” by Lia Kloud // [Bandcamp]

”10WAYS” by NLN

”Got The Drop” by Yvngg Skeez

”Where You” by Nessa Roque – Check out the video here

”Secrets” by Alex Diab

”FACE THE LION OF THE HENGE” by Sam Aleums – Off the newly released album ENTER THE MEGADUNGEON // [Bandcamp]

”The Great Unknown” by Pixie Dust, Lenny B & Fred Paci

”Mrs Paul” by Manor Park Collective & Winnie Julot

”Always On Your Side” by Blackbird Valley

”On the Mend ” by School House – Off the newly released EP Shoes – Catch them live May 12th @ Club Saw

”Dear Robert” by leeny jones Louis Schryer – Catch them live May 12th @ Live on Elgin // [Bandcamp]

”Talking Trash” by Jim Bryson – Off the newly released album Country Wifi // [Website]

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