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Angelique Francis. Photo: Kiran Francis

#ottmusic weekly: 13 new songs added to the @apt613 playlist

By Michael Bercier on March 14, 2022

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”Heaven Water” by Angelique Francis – Off the newly released album Long River // [Website]

”A Little Goes A Long Way” by HOROJO Trio // [Website]

”Dirt Road Blues (Tribute to J.J. Cole)” by L.J.P // [Bandcamp]

”The Big One” by Ken Yates Kathleen Edwards – Check out the video here

”Never Gonna Stop” by Aspects – Check out the acoustic video here

”Too Late” by Dae Andre – Check out the video here // [Website]

”Moving On” by Lenny B Fred Paci

”Chosen” by Victory & City Fidelia // [Website]


”Shotgun” by Asuquomo // [Bandcamp]

”Life Goes On” by Jonny Gems – Off the newly released Write On Time

”Bad Vibes” by YunggLA Timal Garnier

”Dead Hand” by Caspian Khw

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