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Sophie D'Orléans & Country Club Pool Boy. Photo: Emilie Azevedo

#ottmusic weekly: 12 new songs added to the @apt613 playlist

By Michael Bercier on July 6, 2022

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”Colibri” by Sophie D’Orléans & Country Club Pool Boy

”Summer Love” by Alex Diab

”humans & monsters” by KAR33m & Seun Kuti – Off the newly released album álà

”Ananaz” by Hakim Shepard Lonely Boy – Check out the video here

”Show Me” by TkMN

”What’s Up Next” by FawnDoe


”Way Out” by Yvngg Skeez

”Nightcrawler” by Fred Paci

”IDONTCAREABOUTYOU” by NO LIES – Off the newly released album Big Pink

”Better in June” by Terrence & the High Flyers

”O Canada (Flute)” by Flute Siva Raphael Weinroth-Brown

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