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Jessie Simmons - Photo by Francis Omekongo

#ottmusic weekly: 12 new songs added to the @apt613 playlist

By Michael Bercier on February 28, 2022

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”Plus jamais seul” by Jessie Simmons

”Nepotism Baby” by Country Club Pool Boy Jason Daniels // [Bandcamp] 

”Top Down” by Andrew Cassara // [Website]

”One Up” by Mischa // [Bandcamp] 

”I FEEL LIKE LEBRON” by MaCMuwsA // [Website]

”Crows” by C.O.D.E. & Sebby Beats

”1974” by VINCENT MOON, Chill Select, Bunky Fred Paci // [Website]

”Harbinger” by Robin Kenny // [Bandcamp] 

”Hip Like Cohen” by Lynne Hanson – Check out the video here // [Website]

”Cut off the Head” by Everything Is Angels

”Get Out” by The New Hires // [Website]

” M E R R Y G O R O U N D ” by Naevius // [Website]

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