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Mazyn - Photo by @omaronig

#ottmusic weekly: 12 new songs added to the @apt613 playlist

By Michael Bercier on December 6, 2021

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Tons of new RnB jams this week along with a sprinkle of heavier tunes. We also got the chance to catch up on a couple of tracks we missed in the fall.

Slick Hip-Hop/RnB – ”Blessings” by Mazyn

Uplifting Anthem Rock – ”One Man Army” by Hard Labour

RnB Slow Jam – ”Burnt Toast” by Jennifer Lauren // [Website]

Post-Hardcore/Ska Rager ”Devil’s Accountant (Reimagined)” by T-Rex Marathon //  [Bandcamp]

Downtempo RnB – ”They Tryna Mess With Me” by Queen Suupa

Country Inspired Folk Rock – ”Hey, I’m Lost” by Aerik Watson – Off their newly released album Once Upon a Time // [Bandcamp]

Dancehall/RnB Smooth Jam – ”SOMEONE” by NLN


Missed List

Pop-Punk Head Banger – ”You’re Not Alone” by Holly Acres

Lo-Fi Chill Wave – ”Slowly” by XESXSS – Off their newly released album Initial Dream State

Laid Back RnB – ”My Truth” by Truly K

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