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Photo by: Marc-Antoine Joly

#ottmusic weekly: 11 new songs added to the @apt613 playlist

By Michael Bercier on January 17, 2022

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Another week filled with great Hip-Hop tunes, we’re really living up to the Ottlanta nickname. Also thrown in the mix is a fresh dance collab from francophone artists Céleste Lévis and DJ UNPIER, a prog-metal tune and a very timely song about playing in the snow.

Let us know if we missed a recently released track and which ones were your favourites. Catch you next week!

Hip-Hop Banger – ”On Everything” by Lia Kloud – Check out the music video here

Indie Rock R&B – ”Return Flight” by wotts

Chill Dance Party – ”Fais ton choix” by Céleste Lévis & DJ UNPIER // [Website] 

Smooth Flow R&B/Hip-Hop – ”Watch Your Step” by T. Chandy – Check out the music video here // [Bandcamp]

Hype Hip-Hop – ”Who’s Gassing Who?” by Banggz

Hip-Hop Slow Jam – ”Tell Me Watchu Think” by Nayef

Conscious Hip-Hip – ”On This Earth” by Aspects & J. Morris (aka Ya Favourite Light Skin, formerly known as Dynamic) produced by 613TINO

Prog Metal Head Banger – ”Primordial” by Ooluu // [Website] 

For Kids Of All Ages – ”It Snowed Last Night” by Monkey Rock Music – Monkey Rock runs an interactive music program for young children and their adult caregivers // [Website] 

Chill Piano Hip-Hop – ”All of It” by Deathwish.

Soft & Heavy Rock Journey – ”Lourd” by JOLY

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