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Alanna Sterling. Photo: Anndy Burniston

#ottmusic weekly: 10 new songs added to the @apt613 playlist

By Michael Bercier on June 30, 2022



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”Monsters Under My Bed” by Alanna Sterling – Off the newly released album Mind / Matter. Check out the live video here

”6 Shooter” by Wotts & The Desert Island Big Band

”ScryMaze” by NeurotypesPlastic Farm

”champion” by Kar33m

“Honestly” by Mazyn – Check out the video here

”14” by NLN

”Did It Myself” by CapCityHipHop, Ak-Slim & JAIoftheRise

”Dumbo” by Deucio Deathwish.

”Run” by Cody Coyote

”Inappropriate Misbehaviour” by Braden Foulkes

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