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Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show – Style File Part II

By Adria May on April 13, 2014

The Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show is back. Today we bring you some fashions and looks from the last clothing show this past November. Hopefully, we’ll leave you feeling somewhat inspired. The wonderful thing about this show is that one can shop for a range of clothing from different periods. Here we have people dressing from fashions from as early as the 1940’s.


Occupation:  Public Service


Knit Jacket: Ireland, purchased in 1979, shirt is Reitman’s, not vintage.

Skirt: from her aunt and purchased in the 60’s.

Boots, purse: Nomadic vintage

Style inspiration: Her inspiration is colours, purple and burgundy. Her overall style involves wearing unique pieces. “I like vintage a lot and I like to have very special pieces, it just has to be different.”




Occupation: Videographer/photographer, blogger at Ottawa Velo Vogue


Dress: Ottawa Vintage clothing show.

Style Inspiration: In general I love bright colours and bold prints and patterns. Most of my inspiration comes from Japanese  and New York City street fashion. I love wearing miss matched things together and coming up with my own style.






Occupation: Sales


Dress: 50’s vintage dress that she got for her birthday.

Shoes: Repro

Metal Purse: 50’s

Style inspiration: Bettie Page and Dita Von Teese.




photo (16)LAURIE

Occupation: Office Administration


Sweater: 1940’s

Skirt: vintage reproduction

Shoes: 1940’s

Purse: 1940’s

Style inspiration: Meghan (above), is her friend was her original fashion inspiration. She met her for the first time when they used to work together and she was wearing vintage 50’s. Laurie said she wanted to dress 40’s and Meghan recommended that she go for it and gave her some suggestions on where to find clothing.  Laurie’s favourite fashion icons are Lauren Bacall and Betty Graebal.


Occupation: Public Servant


Coat: Value Village, Westboro Fashion

Purse/Camera bag: vintage Chanel

Glasses: Chanel

Style inspiration: Ariane draws inspiration from her mother’s old pictures. She has a vibrant personality and likes to dress colourfully! “I rarely shop new and if I do it’s a few local stores in Ottawa.”




Occupation: Fashion Director at Caitlin Brown Blog


Fur Coat and Fur Hat: Housewife Vintage

Style Inspiration: The fashion trifecta. One piece of high fashion, one piece of vintage, one piece from a store like Zara or H&M.  Her style inspirations are also iconic movie stars and fashion models.





The Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show runs from 10 a.m – 5 p.m, Sunday April 13 at the Ottawa Convention Centre. Cost of Entry is $10. For more information, please visit:

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