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Screenshot from the "Pandemic Sessions" at a home studio in Gatineau

#COVID613: Where to watch live concert streams in Ottawa-Gatineau

By Greggory Clark on March 17, 2020

A new #ottmusic Facebook group has attracted 1,000 members in little time. Ottawa Live Music Streams launched on March 15th to provide a digital venue for musicians as clubs close and gigs are cancelled (or postponed indefinitely).

In the days since Ottawa-based musicians Jeff de Valk and Michel Delage created the group, live streaming shows have reached hundreds of folks in self-isolation and practising social distancing to limit the spread of COVID-19 locally. Highlights for us have been the sets by Kimberly Sunstrum, Mia Kelly, and Danielle Allard. No FOMO! You can still watch these by scrolling down the fb group feed.

Live stream concerts don’t have a cover charge… so if you appreciate an artist’s performance, please consider purchasing a download of their music. Most independent artists have records available on Bandcamp, a music distribution website which is supporting artists by waiving their fees on all downloads and merch orders this Friday, March 20th.

Besides spontaneous performances, bands are starting to post about upcoming shows. Streams to look forward to include Graven at Keppler Studios (March 21 at 8pm), and a series being planned at The Brass Monkey. According to a Facebook post to their page, The Brass Monkey on Greenbank Road has closed, however intends to launch a concert streaming series as soon as this weekend; starting with artists who were booked to play the venue before cancellations started.

Posted by The Brass Monkey on Tuesday, March 17, 2020