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Photo by Curtis Perry.

Ottawa Design Club is back! First in-person event and 2022 programming

By Sonya Gankina on May 30, 2022


“If you like creativity, you’re in the club,” declares the Ottawa Design Club‘s (ODC) motto. But it’s one thing to say it, and another to bring it to life with a spectacular event! The first-ever in-person gathering for ODC, Event 0005 – ORIGINS, brought together Ottawa creatives at Club SAW on Thursday, May 26.

“The main objective behind our events is to give creatives an opportunity to network and learn from their peers. We invite speakers from all career levels and backgrounds. We don’t measure success by the size of someone’s career but rather by their unique style, ideas, and talent,” says ODC co-founder Isabelle (Izzy) Poirier, who you may know from Adobe Live (Poirier and ODC co-founder Ariane are the only ones from Ottawa that have been featured on the Adobe platform!)

A deep dive into the villain origin story, Thursday’s event featured three fantastic speakers: Jamie Mclennan, Owner of Character Creative, Marina Verdu, Senior UX Designer at Shopify, and Jen Bernard, an Ottawa-based portrait and wedding photographer.

The event started at 6pm with a networking portion, catered with delicious wraps and tacos, and went long into the night, ending after 9pm. Filled with the creatives’ talks and a Q&A panel, the event was engaging, well-organized, and well-executed. Bringing the usual Club SAW suspects, the sold-out event also attracted many designer folks, creating a bubbly buzzing atmosphere with people excitedly catching up with pandemic-lost friends.

“This specific event also marks the launch of our fourth zine under the same theme of ‘Origins’,” says Poirier. The new zine ties perfectly into the event’s theme and features a lovely purple cover with lots of juicy designs from local creatives inside.


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“We will be selling our zines at the Pique Art Market on June 11,” says Poirier. “Our next Zine call for submission will be coming out in July for the Fall issue. We are also hoping to host another in-person speaker event in the fall. Potentially an online event with the club (MontrealMarseille and New York) as we are currently mentoring NYC so they can open their own club. The best way for people to stay up to date is to follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter!”

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