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Spontaneous doodling by artists visiting the Ottawa International Animation Festival. Photo: Greggory Clark/Apt613.

Ottawa Election 2018: Where do candidates stand on local arts and culture?

By Greggory Clark on October 17, 2018


For some reason, it’s hard to imagine readers of this blog disagreeing with the idea that a growing arts and culture scene makes Ottawa a better place to live. Research into the economic impact of local arts is even leading Ottawa City Council, more and more cities across Canada and around the world to make strategic investments in growing the sector. The ball just got rolling with Ottawa’s first official music strategy… however, the implementation of such initiatives could double down or fizzle out depending who Ottawans vote into City Council and the Office of Mayor.

One week from today, on October 22, the residents of Apartment613 and our neighbours across the city will elect our Mayor, City Councillors and school board trustees for 2019–2022. Let’s take the value of local culture into account as we vote!

Arts Network Ottawa asked all the candidates to gather their thoughts about the arts. You can read their responses to the Ottawa Culture Counts survey here:

To date, roughly half of mayoral candidates—including incumbent Jim Watson—have not responded to this survey. Arts Network Ottawa will be updating the results if and when more candidates take time to respond.

Find out where debates are happening and read profiles of every candidate here.