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Ottawa Creatives: Kwende Memetic Kefentse

By Amanda Armstrong on April 28, 2015

Kwende Memetic Kefentse grew up in the Greater Toronto Area, surrounded by people who were serious about music. Young and curious, he emulated them and began collecting music himself. Once his collection had grown to a substantial size, he began playing his music for people at parties. It was then that Kwende realized playing music for people was something he truly loved doing.

Upon moving to Ottawa, Kwende continued making music. He became involved in the Ottawa music scene, engaging in radio at CKCU and connecting with DJs Zattar and Eric Roberts, to form the crew who has brought us one of Ottawa’s greatest dance parties, TimeKode. TimeKode has been moving souls for 10 years now and the TK guys are still going strong. They have released an EP together and Memetic will be releasing his own double LP in record stores in Ottawa on May 25th.

Memetic has been cooking up his double LP, Rideau 2 Richmond, for the better part of a year. The record is a soundtrack to the number 2 transit route, which incorporates samples from all the record stores along the route, as well as field recordings that Memetic has created.

For Memetic, the creative process is based around sampling and songwriting, but not necessarily in that order. The process begins with being inspired by a groove, a piece of music, or something that comes up in his imagination, then it is a matter of laying it down. Creating a piece of music is a lot like whittling away at a piece of wood; working away at it, until it takes on a shape that he really likes.

So what’s next for Memetic? Following the release of his record, Memetic plans on doing a record store tour around the city this summer. He will be spending some time playing his record and creating some new music, live in the record shop. The guys from TimeKode will also be marking their 10 year anniversary with a vinyl release and, of course, a vinyl release party. This will be happening sometime in late 2015, so keep your ear to the ground – it is sure to be one helluva party!

You can find Memetic on Soundcloud, on Twitter and on Facebook. His record, Rideau 2 Richmond, can be found here. Memetic will be hosting Hip-Hop Playground: Battles and Beats on May 2, 2015 at Maker Space North (250 City Centre, Bay 216) as part of the National Arts Centre’s Ontario Scene Festival.