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Ottawa Creatives: Brant Thompson

By Amanda Armstrong on September 9, 2015

Brant Thompon’s love of photography began when his father returned from a summer on Baffin Island with a 35mm Zeiss Ikon. Borrowing his father’s camera, Brant began to capture life through its lens. He took several photos for his high school newspaper and yearbook and then, upon graduation, enrolled in a photography program at Algonquin College. Those were the days of film photography and dark rooms.

Fast forward to the arrival of digital cameras and the explosion of cell phone photography. Life happened and Brant had stopped taking photos; that was until he got a cell phone with a decent camera. With his cell phone always around to snap a shot when something caught his eye, Brant’s passion for photography was rekindled. So much so that he bought himself a camera and began taking it with him wherever he went.

Since then, Brant has captured thousands of photos on the streets of Ottawa and Montreal, with a focus on the happenings in Centretown. His first show, held at the Atomic Rooster late last year, focused on the people, places, and things that make life in Centretown so great. More recently, Brant has taken his camera to events around the city, such as Glowfair and Art Battle. Finding a unique perspective for his subject matter is key. He is always playing around with unusual angles and depth of field in order to capture his subject in a different light.

His latest show, entitled Best Legs Contest and Other Stories has just begun at the Ministry of Coffee on Elgin Street and runs through all of September. What started with a single photograph of a person’s leg tattoo became a series of photographs of the same subject. Alongside the photographs of Centretown’s best legs are two other series of photos. Water Under the Bridge showcases bridges along the Canal and the Ottawa River, while Enchanted Garden captures the beauty of the weeds growing in a vacant lot.

For Brant, the best part of capturing the sights of Centretown are the people he has met along the way. In the future, he would love to hold more shows, perhaps even finding an opportunity to showcase some of the photographs he has taken at events around the city. For now, Brant will continue to shoot whatever peaks his interest, until yet another story to be told unfolds behind the lens.

Brant’s photography show, Best Legs Contest and Other Stories, will be on display at the Ministry of Coffee on Elgin now through the end of September. You can also find him at, as well as on Instagram at @randomincident.