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Olivia Chow offers Ottawa a “two for one” mayor deal

By Ryan Saxby Hill on April 1, 2014


In a surprise move Olivia Chow has declared that she will also run for the office of Mayor of Ottawa in the upcoming 2014 municipal election, offering Ottawa a “two for one” deal if she also wins her bid to take the reigns at Toronto City Hall.

“If a crack-smoking buffoon can successfully run Toronto, I can probably run at least two cities” stated Chow in a one-on-one interview with Apartment613 this morning, adding “quite frankly, I’m worried I might be bored with just a single city to run.”

“Ottawa is a decent fit for me,” said Chow. “I heard the current guy running it doesn’t even drink coffee, so imagine what I can do with a few Bridgehead dark roasts in my system.”

Citing an unrelenting stamina and “still being stuck in a lease up there anyway”, Chow said that it would be her honour to run Ottawa as a bit of a hobby.

Ultimately it will be up to the people of Ottawa to decide whether they thought she was up to the jobs.

Ottawans go to the polls this coming November.