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Oliver wants more goals as Fury take on Fort Lauderdale

By Josh Lemoine on September 12, 2015





Oliver: Please sir, I want some more.

Mr. Bumble: What?

Oliver: Please sir, I want some more.

Mr. Bumble: More?!

    -Oliver! (1968)

Rise and shine, it’s a Fury FC game day in Ottawa!

This Saturday at 3pm at TD Place, the Fury take on the Fort Lauderdale Strikers in the first leg of what could be a very important home-and-home series.  Ottawa currently enjoys a 5 point lead in the NASL Fall Standings with 9 games to go.  Coach Marc Dos Santos has promised the fans a playoff berth, but the fifth-place Strikers aren’t far behind, and could find themselves MUCH closer if things go their way over the next week.

Ottawa is coming off a very solid, though physical, 1-0 road win against the San Antonio Scorpions, where the Fury defence looked to be back in top form, giving the home side absolutely nothing to work with.  Here are some of the highlights:


Now, there are two reasons I started off this match preview with a quote from the classic 1968 movie adaptation of the Broadway hit Oliver! First, it’s just a fantastic movie.  If you haven’t found yourself singing “Food, Glorious Food” to yourself at some point, you either A) have never seen the movie, or B) are a damn liar.  Second, the titular character in the movie and a certain Ottawa forward both want more.  But instead of wanting more food because he’s a starving orphan in mid-nineteenth century London, Brazilian forward Oliver wants even more goals after scoring in Ottawa’s last two games, his first two goals of the season.


See how similar they are?  Seamless.

Ottawa has been fortunate during this Fall Season.  Their most timely goals have come from players on  hot streaks, and when one streak ends, another one always seems to start.  From Carl Haworth, to Tommy Heinemann, to Andrew Wiedeman, and now Oliver.  Oliver was Ottawa’s leading scorer last year, but has been hampered by injuries this year, and some bad luck.  Surely relieved to be scoring again, he’ll look to continue that trend.  If he doesn’t though, Ottawa better hope someone else steps up to start their own streak, or it won’t be a fun afternoon for the Fury.

Let’s look at some keys to the game, shall we?


Watching Indy Eleven lose 7-1 to the Strikers last week was like watching a cow and an oncoming train.  That train is heading to Ottawa with a lot of momentum and the Fury don’t want to be another farm animal.  That win was their third straight, having scored 11 goals over that stretch.  The Strikers have plenty of confidence offensively, led by Stefano Pinho who had a hat-trick in the win in Indy.  He now leads the NASL in goals with 12.  Rather than relying on their defence, Ottawa might be smart to take the play to the Strikers and get them on their heels early, something they haven’t had to deal with much in the last few games.


The man with the best hair in NASL may not be a among the league scoring leaders, but he is absolutely one of its most effective forwards. When you watch the 6′ 4” Heinemann play, you notice he tends to draw at least a second man away to cover him, giving his teammates much more room to do what they do.  I keep expecting Tom to have an off game, but during this Fall Season, he’s been a constant threat.  If the Fury are going to be effective on offence, the wolfman will almost certainly be at the centre of it.


Remember, if you’re going to the game, listening on the radio, or doing your part to #SupportLocalSoccer some other way this weekend, tweet us (maybe with a cool pic?) @apt613 and show everyone how you #SHOWYOURFURY.