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Photo courtesy of Danielle Scott on Flickr.

Oh mon Dieu! It’s Poutine Week.

By François Levesque on February 3, 2014

Scrolling down my Facebook feed tonight, I landed on a titillating poutine photo featured at the Gainsbourg resto-pub in Gatineau. A bit further down the post I discovered that there’s a cross-country poutine festival going on this week! Poutine Week is taking place across multiple cities in Québec and Ontario with just under 20 restaurants in Ottawa/Gatineau are participating

Tasters are asked to vote for their favourite ones at and by the end of the week, winners are declared in each city.

The great thing about it is that each restaurant is creating or featuring a special poutine for the occasion and pricing at a reasonable price of $10 or less. For example, Gainsbourg is featuring its special marinated steak poutine while the Hintonburger’s created a special “sour cherry ducktine” – a twist on the typical poutine using replacing your typical gravy with a sour cherry duck based gravy and duck confit crumble.

There’s a poutine for everyone from your breakfast hangover poutine to your cuban-styled poutine, to the infamous shawarma poutine. Try one, try them all!

Poutine Week is now on and taking place until February 7th.

Participating Ottawa/Gatineau restaurants and there featured poutine are:

  • Aperetivo – Butter Chicken Poutine
  • Beech Street Burger – TBD
  • Bistro CoqLicorne – La Puta Madre
  • Brut Cantina Sociale – FRENCHKISS
  • Chelsea Pub – Piggy Back Jack
  • Gainsbourg – Poutine au steak mariné Gainsbourg
  • Have Cafe – Yucca Poutine
  • Hintonburger – Sour Cherry Ducktine
  • Les Brasseurs du Temps – The Pepper Jack Steak Cheese Poutine
  • Pelican Fishery and Grill – TBD
  • Routine Poutine – La ptit Grec
  • Sesame – Shaolin
  • Spud’s Potato Bar and Poutinerie – Shawarma Poutine
  • The Foolish Chicken – The Drunken Pig Poutine
  • The SmoQueShack – The Double Smoked Brisket Poutine
  • Two Six {Ate} – The Hangover Breakfast
  • Zak’s Diner – Breakfast Poutine