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Ottawa has free alternatives to Netflix you might not know about

By Apartment613 on August 25, 2017



By Diyyinah Jamora

Canadians took notice when in early August, Netflix announced a subscription price increase of one to two dollars, effective immediately. The standard plan will now cost you $10.99 per month.

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For those frugal at heart, rest assured that there are free alternatives to getting your motion picture entertainment fix from the comfort of your own home and around the city. Here’s how!

From the comfort of your own home:

With your free Ottawa Public Library card, you not only get to borrow physical DVDs, but you get access to eight free streams a month on Hoopla too.

“The Ottawa Public Library launched Hoopla back in 2015, giving customers an enormous selection of streaming films, television shows, chart topping albums, and classics, too,” says Nadine Bernard of OPL communications. “Hoopla complements OPL’s plentiful and diverse digital offerings, all of which continue to grow in popularity. It offers flexibility, variety, and the technology that customers can expect from their public library. Easy to use with your library card, and no late fees either!”

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 11.30.36You can browse the available movie and TV show titles on Hoopla and borrow them for up to 72 hours. This is not for the binge-watching lover, but if you plan on watching a movie a few nights per month, this is a great free alternative!

With only eight streams per month, I would recommend saving your free Hoopla access for movies. There are other places online to watch TV shows for free including CBC’s website which has Canadian content like Kim’s Convenience available or CTV’s which has shows available the day after they are broadcasted.

Ad-supported TubiTV and Crackle also offer a selection of TV and movies for free.

Around the city:

For those of you who enjoy spending time outdoors with crowds, there are several free public movie screenings happening this summer in Ottawa. I have been to a few and they’ve all had a fun atmosphere with the crowd saying iconic lines along with the actor. Be sure to arrive early to get a good view and bring snacks!

StarWars on Sparks St. #ottawa #outdoormovie we love this town

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Some upcoming screenings: