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Photo of Night Lovell from his Facebook page

Night Lovell finds success online and returns for hometown love

By Veronica Lloyd on January 6, 2016

There is a hidden gem tucked away in Ottawa’s underground music scene that goes by the name Night Lovell. The eighteen year old psychedelic rapper remains a mystery to most of Canada but is becoming a household name here in his hometown.

Although he has been rapidly gaining popularity in major Canadian cities like Montreal and Toronto after having performed at several nightclubs, he originally gained his following on Soundcloud and YouTube. Due to his creative take on the popular genre of music commonly known as cloud rap, he has become an internet sensation.  Cloud rap, also known as trillwave, is an experimental sub-genre of hip-hop common distinguished by ethereal, dreamlike melodies contrasted with deep bass and harsh lyrics.

Last year, Lovell released his debut mixtape Concept Vague, which features his most-listened-to track, “Dark Light”:

Last month, Night Lovell delighted his ever-growing fanbase of over 45,000 Soundcloud followers with the long-awaited release of a new single. Launched in November, his latest song, “Fraud”, produced by Dylan Brady, shows Lovell’s growth as a musician.  The track shows that Night Lovell did a lot of growing as a musician over the course of 2015 and is coming into his own as an artist.

Luckily for us, Lovell is back in Ottawa and will be performing at Ritual Nightclub on January 15th & 16th. The show is at 8pm on both nights and will be open to all ages.  Tickets are $15 advance.

You can also find Lovell on Soundcloud, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.