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The first Beans comic, written by The Thorn and drawn by Steve Woolley, from

New comic “Beans” is a thorn in politicians’ sides

By Julia Riddle on September 23, 2015

Note: The creator of this comic prefers not to use his real name and will be referred to by the moniker “The Thorn” instead. 

Ottawa is full of politics. Beyond the glitz and glamour of Parliament, the city bursts with regular citizens who may not work on the Hill, but still follow the political news and gossip on the daily. It was in this climate that The Thorn, as he chooses to be known, decided to dedicate time to the creation of a comic of political satire.

The comic, titled “Beans” is set in a private school with a cast of characters made up of children and animals. While the creator chose not to specifically identify on whom the different characters are based, with names like “Stevie,” “Lizzie,” and “Kenny,” the reader can take an educated guess at the inspiration for each persona, characters that The Thorn says are “meant to project images as farcical as they are constricted.” The comic as a whole is intended to reference the frequently juvenile and sometimes frustrating behaviour of federal politicians. As The Thorn puts it, “visiting the House of Commons during question period sometimes feels like bring in a schoolyard watching children chucking dirt at each other.” It’s a feeling he was looking to capture.

Though a novice at comic creation, “Beans” creator The Thorn was passionate about his idea and decided to make it a public project. He began a Kickstarter campaign back in July and amassed over $2000 in funding to enable him to hire an illustrator who could make his comic a reality; he funded the rest of the illustration costs (approximately half of the overall sum) out of his own pocket. Kickstarter backers received early glimpses of the comic back in July, and donors of over $50 can expect to receive framed prints of the character of their choice this September.

The Thorn has begun releasing “Beans” strips at a rate of one a day as of September 7th, and will continue until all 31 strips of the comic have been uploaded. You can check them out online at