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Photo courtesy of Jordana Globerman

Need something to wear to the apocalypse? NIGH Apparel has you covered

By Lee Pepper on May 12, 2013

Did you heave a sigh of relief when December 21st, 2012 came and went with nary an apocalypse to be found?

One designer isn’t so sure we’re out of the woods just yet. Jordana Globerman, owner of NIGH apparel, creates clothing that draws on apocalyptic imagery from the world over, with the tagline “Everyday Wear for the End of Days”. Her designs reference that old standby, the Book of Revelation, but also the Norse Ragnarök myth and the mystical Jewish tradition of Kabbalah, favoured by Madonna.

While now based in Montréal, Globerman has close ties to Ottawa. She grew up in the Alta Vista area, and studied Visual Arts at Canterbury. In Ottawa, NIGH apparel is sold at Fall Down Gallery (288 Bank St.) and Black Squirrel Books (508 Bank St.). Globerman chose these locations over traditional clothing retailers as a way of recognizing the artistic and esoteric flavour of her designs. Fall Down Gallery appeals to those who think of their clothing as wearable art, while Black Squirrel Books attracts an erudite crowd who appreciate Globerman’s eschatological allusions.

When asked about apocalyptic rites and images that appeal to her in particular, Globerman mentioned the Jewish tradition of the search for the parah adumah, the symbolic all-red heifer, which cannot have more than one non-red hair on its body, as verified by a rabbi. The import placed on minute detail, the almost literal splitting of hairs, seems like a fitting metaphor for the diligence required for artistic creation.

Globerman currently silkscreens small printings of 2 to 3 designs each year, but hopes to expand, perhaps by adding apocalyptic jewellery and accessories to the line. As an independent designer, she believes it is important to plan and budget carefully to avoid burning out. However, as most religious traditions have colourful beliefs about the end times, NIGH Apparel has a rich vein of imagery to draw upon for many years to come.

No matter how or when the apocalypse arrives, you’ll want to look dashing when the time comes. Whether you’re raptured or left behind, NIGH Apparel has got you covered.

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