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Your guide to the best wintery songs by Ottawa musicians

By Samantha Everts on December 11, 2013

This post comes to us from artist consultant Samantha Everts of YouRockRed.

The snowy weather is upon us and artists all around this fair city use it to their advantage for beautiful visuals in their videos, even when they shoot outdoors in sub-zero temperatures dressed in beach wear only! Some artists altogether threaten to leave for warmer weather and others achieve bone-chilling quality in their vocals.

Grab a hot chocolate and settle in for my winter-themed list of videos by great local bands doing more than building snowmen.


White Wires: Let’s Go to the Beach. (above)

Proof that Ottawans are crazy enough to rock out in -30 weather for art’s sake. This video was shot at Mooney’s Bay in the dead of winter.But if you’re not up for it, listening to this punk band’s discography en route to somewhere tropical is also encouraged.

Kathleen Edwards: Empty Threat


This Ottawa gal threatens to leave for the warmer temperatures of the states. But we know she’ll not let us go so long as there’s a spot for her to sip craft beer with the regulars at the Manx.

Amos the Transparent: Sure as the Weather


This one-take all-seasons video is a few years old but still brings a smile to my face.Bumble-bees, snowflakes and a catchy as heck melody warrants the attention it got from Much Music, etc.

The Goodluck Assembly: Wait for Me


If you were ever looking for a snowy-weather video this is it.For fans of Radiohead and Muse, this was the single off their EP Demonstrations recorded with Gus Van Go (The Stills, Hollerado) last Fall.

The Strain: Cold Shot Girl


Adorable Wakefield-indie rockers take to the outdoors in a synth-pop song.

The Acorn: Misplaced


Perfectly matched imagery to the song’s sentiment, this beautifully shot andanimated video may inspire you to take a risk and walk out onto the ice for yourself.

Her Harbour: Phinn’s


Anything off the 2013 album Winter’s Ghosts will melt your heart just a bit with the pained emotions in singer-songwriter Gabrielle Giguere’s gorgeous voice.

Lazzy Lung: 21 Below


Honorary Ottawan – now based in Beirut, Lebanon, this band’s main singer/songwriter Allan Chaarouia knows exactly how shitty it is to get to work when it’s frigid outside. He took his lyrical inspiration directly from that experience and added a killer Foo Fighters-like bridge,“Head down my slippy driveway/forgot to plow my street again/looks like I’ll be a little later.”