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Nebraska (Youth Infringement Festival winner)

By Apartment613 on June 23, 2013

Review by Amanda Dookie @letitbeamandad
45 min | Comedy | Drama

Do you have a secret? Would you be able to turn to the person next to you and share it? For twenty-seven year old Matt, being caught between two people doesn’t make that easy. Tony Adam’s Nebraska is a tale about coming-of-age in the midst of a bizarre love triangle. Matt is faced with a tough decision and he is hurting others in the process of making it – he must choose to either tell the truth and break his fiancée’s heart, or face hurting even more people in the long run.

Part of the Youth Infringement FestivalNebraska was audience-nominated as the festival favourite out of ten shows. The Youth Infringement Festival gives young artists the opportunity to pursue theatre, and winning this title gave Nebraska the opportunity to perform at the Fringe this year. I’m not surprised that Nebraska won. While not every young adult finds themselves in the same situation as the main characters, many more young adults can relate to the pressures of growing up in a society where decisions lead to larger life choices that aren’t always easy to make and can have major consequences.

While the performance was relatively short with a running time of 45 minutes, it flowed with just the right amount of drama and pace to keep me engaged. Nebraska is a good example of a play that is short and sweet. It uses dramatic elements wisely, has the right structure, and doesn’t try too hard to be pretentiously artistic or thematically convoluted and that makes it effective. I was also impressed with a few of the performances, especially Kate Boone who played multiple roles, demonstrating her versatility as an actor. I think a lot of young adults would enjoy watching this performance, and relate to at least one of the characters. I also think older adults would enjoy this play just as much, as the overall themes are timeless.

Nebraska by Tony Adams is playing at Venue 3 – Academic Hall, 135 Séraphin-Marion Private on June 29th at 1:00 p.m.