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NDMA has your summer tunes covered

By Sharon Cheung on June 23, 2014



No need to continue scouring the internet for summer tunes, Ottawa-based singer, rapper and producer, NDMA has just released his latest EP, Panache, this past June 17th. As we dive deeper into the season, the EP will likely be your go-to-playlist as it celebrates both hip-hop and electronic music. Mastered by prolific mixer, Phil Shaw Bova who’s previously tackled on the likes of Feist, Bahamas and Socalled, Panache successfully integrates 5 tracks that flow seamlessly into one another.

The EP effortlessly pulls you in and out of a daze by delivering a multitude of layers of vocal soundscapes, synthesizers and catchy hooks. The album oozes with nostalgic tones of warm summer memories intertwined with, well, bad decisions. While it’s evident that the EP has a debauchery-run-rampant type of feel, there are some profound lyrics upon closer inspection. Nilton de Menezes of NDMA combines each mindful beat with his personal story of being raised in an impoverished and war-ridden country back in Angola. With lyrics such as, “they say fake it til’ you make it, but I ain’t faking shit… cause Imma make it. I said that to myself every day for two years and two years later here I am…and if Kendrick can, I can.” The power of sharing his story of wanting to succeed, to find love and move forward from where he’s been and where he is to somewhere greater, is a narrative that many of us can identify with.

Fun fact for our APT613 readers: I actually went to elementary school with Nilton here in Ottawa and over the past decade I’ve been floored by his work ethic. He’s literally been at it since dare I say it – since I was playing pogs and chasing after the boys in a good old game of cops and robbers. Many of us know musicians cut from the same cloth (persistent, passionate and talented), and it would do some good for the community if we continued supporting our local musicians with a simple listen and/or share.

So whether you’re in summer school, in a work grind or just looking to get your tan on – check out NDMA’s latest EP to get you into the full swing of summer. My personal favourite is “BurnSlow.” The dulcet vocals combined by NDMA’s pursuit of a special lady friend make it quite pleasant to the ears. Check it out for yourself:


NDMA will be performing at Babylon (317 Bank Street) on Saturday June 28 as part of  Rockalily’s 7th annual No Pants Dance Party which will feature a pants check and great burlesque entertainment. Tickets are available online for $10 in advance or $15 at the door. Doors at 10pm.