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NCC presents The Capital Urbanism Lab

By Jordan Duff on September 21, 2016



The Capital Urbanism Lab, presented by the National Capital Commission, is back for a third season! Since 2014, this initiative has engaged thousands of people though session attendance and consultation. The 2016 series kicks off September 20th with a session led by the neighbourly Washington D.C. based National Capital Planning Commission


The Lab series is a fantastic platform through which the NCC has presented fascinating topics: from the wolves of Gatineau Park to social media engagement and city planning. This year’s series will look at a wide range of issues from local farms to the physical heritage of this community. It’s free, but organizers request that you register because space is limited. Alternatively, if you can’t make it in person to their Elgin Street headquarters, they stream Lab episodes on the NCC Youtube channel.

The goal of these engaging session is meaningful civic engagement.  “The Lab has 3 main objectives: identify existing and emerging trends and challenges in building our Capital, expand our capacity as a creative partner to develop solutions and best practices for addressing these challenges and bring together partners to support and promote excellence in the Capital,” says Mario Tremblay, NCC Media Relations.

Attendees can interact directly with presenter and NCC management by asking questions or making comments. The public can also contact the NCC with recommendations for future Lab series topics. In addition to streaming the talks, the NCC is also looking to engage more residents through Twitter #UrbanLab.

If you’re reading Apt613, you’re already a fan of our city. This forum is an exciting opportunity to take advantage of Ottawa’s status as a national capital, connect with like minded people and get involved with this community.

For more information on upcoming lectures and presentations, check the Lecture Series 2016-2017 calendar at If you can’t make it to tonight’s session, you can check out the PowerPoint presentation here.

Upcoming talks include:

October 24, 2016
En Route to a Smart City
In October, we will explore the role of transportation in building smart cities.
November (date TBC) 2016
“Growing” Trends in Urban Spaces
Where does your food come from? Our November event will focus on how food is cultivated and distributed from farms in the regions surrounding our cities, and how urban agriculture is growing in popularity. You won’t want to attend this one hungry!
December 7, 2016
The Benefit$ of Natural Capital
There are many benefits to protecting our natural green spaces. Join us in December to hear about the economic benefits of the Greenbelt, Gatineau Park and other natural spaces.