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Nature Nocturne celebrates the Lunar New Year with Chinatown Remixed

By Amanda Armstrong on January 16, 2015



Looking for a way to continue the holiday celebrations? Why not celebrate the Lunar New Year, with the Museum of Nature and Chinatown Remixed at this year’s first Nature Nocturne?

This is the second year that the Chinatown Remixed Collective will be partnering with the Museum of Nature to celebrate the Lunar New Year – and what a fitting year it is. For those of you unfamiliar with the Chinese zodiac, 2015 is the year of the goat. A symbol of the arts and nature, the goat represents colour, tranquility, and harmony. What better pair to host a celebration of the year of the goat than a collective whose aim is to promote the arts and a museum dedicated to exploring our natural world?

Chinatown Remixed is an annual, month-long festival celebrating the arts, community and culture in Chinatown. Now going into its seventh year it continues to showcase an eclectic group of artists working in a variety of mediums with diverse backgrounds – all of whose works are displayed in, or outside, the shops and businesses in Chinatown.

To celebrate the year of the goat, the Chinatown Remixed Collective has many exciting things in store. The one and only ChinaDoll will be hosting karaoke in an arctic-inspired singing lounge that she herself has designed. Local DJ duo, Michael Caffrey and Kerry Campbell will be bringing their off-the-grid, solar-powered Ghettoblast Sound System to the museum setting up in the Mammal Room. In between dancing and karaoke you can take part in a giant Jenga game put on by the folks at Monopolatte, Chinatown’s board game cafe.

Live art and video projections will be happening by local artists Stephanie Vezina and Stefan Thompson. Additionally, the Chinese Cultural Dance Troupe will be putting on live dance performances. You can learn to make paper birds at the paper bird workshop. Chinatown’s My Sweet Tea Shop will also be offering up some delicious bubble tea, at their bubble tea station.

This is only some of what the night has to offer so be sure to get yourself a ticket and to get one early. Tickets always sell out and this year’s Nature Nocturne celebration of the Lunar New Year and the year of the goat is one you won’t want to miss.

Nature Nocturne is happening on January 23, 2015 at the Museum of Nature (240 McLeod St). Doors open at 8pm. Tickets are $27.50 and can be purchased here.