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NaNoWriMo excerpt: Trevor LaForce’s Annette and the Broken Shroud

By Apartment613 on December 9, 2019

As part of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), Apt613 contributor and NaNoWriMo 2019 participant Christina Bondi spoke with fellow participants before and after a month of writing. Here is an excerpt from Trevor LaForce’s Annette and the Broken Shroud (Vol. 1 of The Fairy Forest).

Chapter 11: The Wand

Annette stood at the top of the tallest tree she could find, a massive old pine standing just to the West of the Rotunda entrance. She held on to the tip-top as the tree rocked in the brisk late-fall breeze. With her eyes closed, she reached out with her senses, smelling the plants, listening to the animals, feeling the air. Where to first? she asked the Forest, and the Forest answered.

With her eyes closed, Annette jumped off the top of the tree and dove towards the ground. Wind whipped at her hair as she listened to the Forest. She opened her wings and skimmed over the river, passing over the Rotunda. She felt the first piece of her wand calling to her from the riverbed.

Annette flared her wings and hovered above the river. The magic was definitely telling her that what she needed was right below her, but the frigid water was running fast. Annette felt her heart beat faster. I need this, she scolded herself. She took off her bag and tossed it onto a nearby rock. Get over the fear, Annette. Deep breath. And – go!

She tucked in her wings, did a half-backflip, and dove beneath the choppy water.