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Photo provided by Music.Art.Ppl

Music.Art.Ppl provides accessible spaces for artists to showcase and collaborate with their community

By Shannon Ing on May 9, 2019



In a city where the art and music scene is rapidly growing, Music.Art.Ppl is an organization that provides accessible spaces for artists to showcase and collaborate with their community.

Music.Art.Ppl (MAP is a local arts collective that hosts diverse visual and musical events throughout Ottawa. Co-founder Jordan David describes MAP as a “collective comprised of dreamers, DJs, and visual artists.” They encourage artists from all different types of backgrounds to share and collaborate with one another. “Being around people who support you is the best thing that you can do for your artistic career so we’ve cultivated this group who are very supportive, full of ideas, and who aren’t afraid of trying new things.”

MAP’s approachability to the new has clearly been working out for the last few years. The collective began back in 2016, during a small get together with friends in Jordan’s basement, “at the time I had this really creepy basement and it was a space we could explore and try to see what we could do.” Fast forward and they’ve hosted events everywhere, from basement parties, to clubs, to coffee shops, to a block party at the National Arts Centre. Jordan indicates this is a testament to the group’s hard work over the years and proof that, “if you’re doing something you love, people will notice.”

Photo provided by Music.Art.Ppl

Event attendees can recognize this passion through MAP’s ability to combine elements that normally wouldn’t live together. Every MAP event aims to be different from the last, with constantly changing themes and artists. “I think that is my favourite thing, that it is constantly changing,” exclaims Jordan. MAP’s programming has something for everyone. There is a strong visual element to it, with art galleries and live art performances from artists. At the same time, a diverse musical selection of curated DJs or bands will play. “For music we come from a different lens because we’re a collective, we have a lot of folks that go to a lot of festivals around the world, they’ll go and see what’s happening there and bring back these ideas and showcase that in ottawa. I don’t see that outside a lot of our events.” Their three year anniversary party was no exception of this. The celebration was hosted at the fresh Queen Street Fare back in January, where they had three live painters, a VJ for visuals, DJs, and they showcased funk band Funk Yo Self. “It was a great success and we met a lot of people.”

Music.Art.Ppl are open to more collaborations and encourage people to reach out online or at a MAP event in Ottawa. Their next event is Friday May 10, with Niko Schwind from Berlin, Germany at the 27 Club. As always there will be live painters, immersive deco, visuals and great community vibes.