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Museum of Nature gets tropical with Butterflies in Flight

By Hannah Manning on December 15, 2017

Looking for a tropical get away but can’t afford the time off or the flight? No worries, the Canadian Museum of Nature has got you covered.

Starting this Saturday December 16, take a trip to the tropics by visiting their new Butterflies in Flight exhibition. The exhibition is divided into two parts: an introductory area with information about butterfly metamorphosis, pollination, anatomy, flight mechanics, and conservation. You can even see pupae hanging and watch as butterflies start to emerge.

The second part of the exhibition is the Solarium which houses live butterflies fluttering everywhere. And they really are everywhere—don’t be surprised if you have a few land on you, especially if you’re wearing bright colours. There are anywhere between 300-400 butterflies in the Solarium with dozens of species at any given time. One of the most impressive is the Blue Morpho which can be anywhere between 5-8 inches (or 12.5 and 20 cm) in length and features stunning blue wings.

Butterflies in Flight is presented by Essential® Costa Rica, and the butterflies are supplied from two sustainable farms in Costa Rica, then transported to the Museum during their pupal stage. “We are delighted to support this experience with live butterflies. This exhibition offers unparalleled beauty while allowing us to reflect on the importance of biodiversity and conservation, which has led Costa Rica to become a sustainable tourism champion,” says Roberto Dormond-Cantú, Ambassador of Costa Rica in Canada and representative for Essential Costa Rica.

Entry into Butterflies in Flight is time-ticketed so visitors do not have to wait in a line-up. The special exhibition fee is $5 in addition to the cost of general museum admission. On Thursdays, general admission to the museum is free between 5-8pm. On January 26, Nature Nocturne attendees have the chance to visit the exhibition.

“Butterflies are popular insects especially because of their delicate beauty. With this show, our visitors have a chance to get up close to many species of tropical butterflies and learn about their importance as pollinators,” says Meg Beckel, President and CEO of the Canadian Museum of Nature.

So pack your brightest tops and get ready to ditch the winter jackets while enjoying your mini vacation with the butterflies.

Butterflies in Flight runs December 16, 2017 to April 2, 2018. Visit to reserve tickets, or for information about hours, admission, and other activities at the museum, including a brand new new 3D movie, Amazon Adventure. Look for the hashtag #ButterfliesattheMuseum and follow the Museum’s on Twitter (@museumofnature) or Instagram (museumofnature). For more, visit them on Facebook.