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All photos courtesy of Mulligan's Golf Bar.

Foodie Friday: Clubs & cocktails at Mulligan’s Golf Bar

By Livia Belcea on April 22, 2016


The story of Mulligan’s Golf Bar starts about a year ago when three best friends, Andrew, Cameron and Chris were hanging out and looking for a place to grab some drinks, eat well and have a fun night downtown. Not having many options, they simultaneously came up with the same great idea: to open their own bar. Fast forward to April 2016, and Mulligan’s Golf Bar opens its doors to the public. The bar, which spans 2 floors, is equipped with TVs, bistro tables, booths and comfortable leather couches. Oh, and three state of the art golf simulators, as well a race car simulator.

The exposed brick gives the bar a homey, down to earth feel, and we’re happy the boys worked as hard as they did to expose it. Much of their blood, sweat and tears went into bringing Mulligan’s to life, and their dedication can be seen through the attention to detail, great style and personal touches that are seen in each corner of the bar.

Conveniently located in downtown Ottawa at 201 Queen St., it’s a great place to stop by for lunch, after work or for a weekend golf getaway right in the heart of the city.

Mulligan’s prides itself in bringing you the best golf clubhouse food favourites, but with a spin. Their menu was developed by Andrew with Chef Jayce Edwards, who was previously at the Albion Rooms. They’ve meticulously played around with the menu and tried their creations numerous times before serving them to you. The ingredients they use are local and seasonal. Chef Edwards puts a particular emphasis on preparation from scratch, and easy, straightforward execution, so that you enjoy consistent, delicious food in a timely manner.

If you’re going to Mulligan’s, you’ll want to grab a drink. In addition to on tap beer favourites and bar rails, Mulligan’s offers you unique cocktails and drinks, developed in house. The bourbon is smoked on site and the vodka is infused right at the bar. Andrew jokes that his Caesar, the Tiberius, is the 2nd best in town. He won’t tell you where the best one is, because you’d have that one instead. I’ve enjoyed the Tiberius myself, and can confirm that it is in fact delicious enough that you won’t go looking for that elusive best Caesar that Andrew jokes about.

But let’s talk about the golf. Mulligan’s takes their name from the golf term “mulligan”, which is used when a player takes a second chance at a swing during a hole. This is against the formal rules of golf, but if you’re playing in a friendly atmosphere, taking a mulligan is totally acceptable. This is what Mulligan’s strives to achieve: a friendly atmosphere in which you don’t have to take yourself, or your friends, too seriously, but where you can still enjoy a decent game of golf.

The three golf simulators, which are powered by the Ontario company HD Golf, are rented by the hour. Each one is equipped with Nike’s latest top of the line Vapor clubs, but you’re welcome to bring your own if you wish. Playing on these simulators is essentially like playing right on that golf course. HD Golf used satellite geo-mapping in order to offer you a realistic HD experience of playing on the world’s best golf courses. If you’re playing with three other friends, you’ll spend about $25 for a full game of golf lasting around two hours. The simulators have other game settings too, such as the driving range.

In addition to playing golf, you can also learn at Mulligan’s. For a separate fee, Mulligan’s own pro golfer will teach you the swing of things, and by signing up for free as a Mulligan Club Member, you’ll be able to review your lesson online.

The future holds great things for Mulligan’s Golf Bar. They are expanding their food services to offer catering, will be adding children’s golf clubs to their selection, and will further develop their personalized parties, whether it’s for your next work event or for pleasure.

Mulligan’s Golf Bar is having a grand opening party all weekend from April 29 to May 1, 2016.Visit their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with their latest news.