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Motion happened last friday and it was crazy

By Jean McLernon on January 21, 2015

On Friday night Motion happened at Barrymore’s and they had an insane turnout. Bydek Group, DNA Presents and Straight Goods were all big name organizers for the show and worked collaboratively to bring an all Canadian show to the stage. Their efforts certainly didn’t go unnoticed. The show was crazy. If you want a little taste of what you missed, Serk The Turk did a mini video that you can watch that recaps the night perfectly.

The event featured Keys ‘N Krates with Thugli, and had support from locals Iggy Smalls, So Durand and Foster along for the ride. Keys ‘N Krates are Toronto natives who have graced Ottawa most recently in our festivals circuit during Bluesfest among other smaller shows. They are an electronic band whose singles include Dum Dee Dum, best known for its crunking Mennonite footage and Treat Me Right.

Thugli are an Ottawa based duo and recent Toronto residents made up of Pat Drasik and Tom Wrecks. These two mind blowing artists combine hip-hop and deeper beats with EDM overtones that compliment Keys ‘N Krates, without the two being too similar. Those looking for an intense Electronic experience should stay tuned to Thugli’s tour page and check them out as they tour Texas and some of Canada over the next few weeks.

Keys ‘N Krates had their regular audience turnout, which is to say the event sold out days before the performance in a mad grab for tickets. The organizers pulled out all the stops to promote the event, and the Facebook page was riddled with expensive offers for people selling their tickets, which were listed at $25 and going for up to $100 the day of.

One thing the organizers may want to look into is holding their next Motion event at a larger venue as there seemed to be an unsatisfied amount of people who were not able to get tickets. On the flip side, they clearly knew their market demographic and played to it. Keys ‘N Krates along with Thugli are always welcome performances and their shows are rarely undersold!

If you want to see if you made it into any of the pictures from the night, make sure to check out Bydek’s Facebook album. Those looking to stay in the loop can follow @BYDEKGroup and @DNAPrsents on Twitter.