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Photo from the Meat Press' Facebook page.

Hintonburg’s Meat Press celebrates its first birthday

By Laurent Robillard-Cardinal on September 26, 2016


Meat Press Creative Charcuterie and Sandwich Shop will celebrate its first year in business on October 2.

“The anniversary means a lot. It instils a sense of pride for me. We had some amazing media coverage. We sold more than 18,000 lunches! When I look back at the year gone, I find that amazing. It’s also a day for me to thank everyone who participated in the project and who supports us every day,” said Cuerrier.

On that special day, 365 days will have elapsed since Etienne Cuerrier and his wife Myriam Campeau welcomed the first customers into their new sandwich shop. Many patrons have since visited the family-run eatery at the corner of Garland and Armstrong Streets in the Hintonburg neighbourhood, just north of the Wellington Street LCBO.

“We started off with almost nothing. We were proofing bread above the stoves with humid clothes. It was a stressful day. We had limited equipment and we were only three. We had prepared for one week for that special day. We sold out at 1 pm. This allowed us to realize this was going to be something special,” said Cuerrier.

Since first opening, Cuerrier and his sous-chef Louis-Pierre Bélanger have prepared a wide variety of sandwiches with homemade bread baked in-house and locally sourced meats and produce when possible. Customers can buy a sandwich or opt for the combo which comes with a homemade soda and a side, all for roughly $15. Customers can either place their order to-go or eat-in.

“Smoked duck is by far our most popular sandwich. It’s delicious! I was surprised at first that people selected that option in such large numbers, but I believe it’s a testament that our customers now have faith in our products,” said Cuerrier.

“We don’t always have it on the menu, but when we do we always sell out,” added Myriam Campeau.
Cuerrier’s joint is also known for his quality cheese and meat counter where one can at times find his renown black pudding. Apt613 asked Cuerrier if he had any new products on the horizon:

“We are working on developing a dinner menu! I’m looking to refocus our menu on French Canadian cuisine. I want more cassoulets, tourtières, pheasants to come out of the kitchen. I also want to prepare more Canadian game meats, such as squab, hare and duck. In short, I want to revisit traditional French Canadian cuisine,” said Cuerrier.

A former Cité Collégiale culinary student, Cuerrier is always tinkering with the ingredients to come up with creative sandwiches and inventive sides.

To learn more about The Meat Press and to find out what’s on the menu, visit their website or find them on Twitter and Facebook.