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Make the trek to Kite Hill at Raw Sugar

By Chris Cline on December 6, 2012

Seeing that the holiday onslaught typically sends the live music scene into sputters and fits, you owe it to yourself to check out Kite Hill and friends at Raw Sugar this evening.

If you haven’t heard of Kite Hill, it might be worth paying attention because they have some serious Cancon indie cred. Led by Ohbijou’s Ryan Carley, the band rounds itself out with Carley’s bandmate Anissa Hart, former Germans drummer Steve Lappano, Mika Posens of Forest City Lovers and more. The band credits their name to Tantramar, the farm where Ryan Carley grew up. (Tantramar translates loosely from Acadian French to “a great sound.”) Just north of Tantramar is a hill known locally as Kite Hill, and this is where the band derives their name.

Together, they make music that they describe as baroque pop, and it doesn’t sound too terribly far in tone from the orchestrated sound Carley and Hart play together as part of their main gig with Ohbijou. Their debut album Rest & Run came out this year and they’ve made a ton of tracks available on SoundCloud, so you have the option to try before you buy.

Kite Hill is no stranger to touring with Toronto singer-songwriter Lisa Bozikovic, and she’ll be  joining them this evening at Raw Sugar. She makes sparse, folk-inspired music alongside producers Sandro Perri and Heather Kirby. She’s coming out in support of her new disc This is How We Swim.

You may be familiar with Ottawa’s Her Harbour, aka Gabrielle Giguere, who is rounding out the bill. Gabrielle is a member of both André M. Bluteau and the Boys of Bytown, but on her own she makes these gorgeous, pensive songs with minimal accompaniment from keys and strings.

So there you have it. Don’t miss this awesome show.