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Lunch Out Loud

Lunch Out Loud Ottawa is a weekly podcast that delves into all things Ottawa. The podcast is hosted by Nick Bachusky and Andrew Miller. Their mission: to create something where people in Ottawa can spend just 30 minutes a week to learn about the people, places, events and music that make this such a world-class city! Each episode features the music of a different local musician while they chat with city councillors, shop owners, artists, restauranteurs, … basically everyone and anyone working to make the city great. Past guests have included A Tribe Called Red, Amos the Transparent, Mayor Watson, former Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page and more!

Click below to listen to the latest episode:

You can hear other episodes of Lunch Out Lound here, or follow them on facebook here.

Episode 56 – Fall Down Gallery and Foster

Episode 55- Our 2013 Year in Review show and 2014 Preview!

Episode 54- Mike Spencer Bown and Tindervox

Episode 53- Don Newman and Kalle Mattson

Episode 52- The Charlatan and G.Grand

Episode 51- The Fulcrum and Justice RF

Episode 50- Zach Robichon and Weird With Cats

Episode 49- Apartment 613 and Craig Cardiff

Episode 48- Kathy Smart and The Love Machine

Episode 47- Jody Mitic from Canada’s Amazing Race and BlakDenim

Episode 46-, Marcelle Benedicte and Zoo Legacy

Episode 45- Chris Bailey from A Year of Productivity and Finding Chuck

Episode 44- Angie’s Models and High Waters

Episode 43- Glen Gower from and Cardboard Crowns

Episode 42- Peggy Blair and The Cody Allen Band

Episode 41- Startup Weekend and Dave Norris&Local Ivan

Episode 40- Kurt Stoodley and Tall Trees

Episode 39- Max Keeping and Little Stella

Episode 38- Mathieu Fleury and Boyhood

Episode 37- Rolf Klausener and Winchester Warm

Episode 36- Top of the World and Flight Distance

Episode 35- Shawn Dawson and Jim Bryson

The Ottawa Bluesfest Review Show!/a>

Episode 34- Bruce Firestone and Shannon Rose

Episode 33- @FoodiePrints and Miss Polygamy

Episode 32- Canada Day Special with Sonny Juane and JW Jones

Episode 31- Kichesippi Beer and The Medhi Cayenne Club

Episode 30- Jackpine and Fevers

Episode 29- Neil Malhotra and Roberta Bondar

Episode 28- Andrew King and StillNative

Episode 27- Jeff Hunt and Iconoclast

Episode 26- Sam Bat and A Tribe Called Red

Episode 25- Rob Dekker from the CCCA and The Steve Adamyk Band

Episode 24- Les Gagne from Sparks Street and The Goodluck Assembly

Episode 23- Micheline Masson and Three Times Lucky

Episode 22- Eva Bee’s Jamboree and Camp Radio

Episode 21- DNA Presents and DJ ACRO

Episode 20- and Dynamite Motel

Episode 19- Chris Finlay and The Gallop

Episode 18- Creative Mornings Ottawa, Matt Carmichael and NDMA

Episode 17- NRML Clothing and ilvekyo

Episode 16- Absolute Comedy and The Wicked Mercy

Episode 15- Ottawa Centre MPP Yasir Naqvi and Hearts & Mines

Episode 14- The SmoqueShack and Rishi/a>

Episode 13- Alta Vista Councillor and Planning Committee Chair Peter Hume & Three Little Birds

Episode 12- Herd Magazine and Amos The Transparent

Episode 11- LilyBelle Communications and Cory Levesque

Episode 10- Kevin Page, Parliamenary Budget Officer and Renee Yoxon

Episode 9- Tony Greco and Go Long(!)

Episode 8- Mayor Jim Watson and Autumns Cannon

Episode 7- Beau’s Brewery (Tim and Steve Beauchesne) and Andrew Vincent

Episode 6- Skyfall Blue (Media and PR Boutique Firm) and Claude Munson

Episode 5- Shane Currey (Financial Planner) and Trees

Episode 4- Sonny Juane and Loon Choir

Episode 3- Leclair Decor and Sacha Leclair (DJ Kid SL)

Episode 2- Jennifer Ahde, Ottawa Real Estate Lawyer and The Joynt

Episode 1- Introduction Episode with your hosts Nick Bachusky and Andrew Miller- Music from Liam Lloyd