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Looking to find locally produced food? There’s an app for that

By Samantha Everts on February 22, 2011

Ever wanted to find out where you could buy local food in February? Confused about what’s in season for the winter months? Don’t want to have to drive out to individual farms to get fresh produce or meat?  Well, there’s an app for that.

Chris Wise of Murmur Informatics developed GoLocavore for the Apps4Ottawa contest winning Silver Medal in the green/sustainability category. “My wife has been working at the Cumberland Farmers’ Market and I saw lots of farmers in action and marveled at it. I really felt that when searching online there was not a lot of current information nor accurate info about what [produce] was available at any given time.”

Launched last September, the website allows people to select produce they are searching for from a menu cloud and connects them to a list of stores, markets, individual farmers and/or stands where the produce is available. The businesses are then geo-located on Google Maps for easy access. Hours of operation are also indicated. Wise says that he tried to get as many farmers and producers involved in the project by offering to put up their listings for free for the development phase of the project but now, thanks to winning second place in the app contest, has decided to wave fees for next year as well.

He currently has over 30 producers ranging from fresh produce to exotic meats like yak involved in GoLocavor. He says that it’s the “worst time to look” at the website since the season is so limited, but promises to include more and more producers as the growing season begins.

Wise says that he has received fairly positive reaction “almost instantly” to the website when approaching farmers or market managers.  The website lets people know what is available by day and where customers can purchase the products. Restaurants have loved the app according to Wise because they save time and can “avoid calling to ask, What do you have this week?”  For regular consumers, GoLocavore connects them so that they do not “accidentally chance on a market stand” and can easily choose to support local agriculture.

Check out for where to buy your local goods. You can also find them on Twitter.

We’ve got a sweet Go Locavore t-shirt to give away to the fifth person to email us with Go Locavore in the subject line!

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