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Image: TIMEKODE (YouTube)

Live Stream: Season 2 of TIMEKODE’s Community Spread kicks off tonight—07.17.20

By Greggory Clark on July 17, 2020



Live stream on YouTube: Friday, July 17 at 10PM

After a month off to rest and recalibrate, TIMEKODE deejays Memetic and Zattar are back to streaming live, side by side. They’re returning with more guests and interviews, album reviews, and “a less hurried schedule… recognizing that we’re likely in for the long haul in 2020,” says Memetic aka Kwende Kefentse.

The show is keeping its time slot but shifting to broadcast every third Friday of the month. Tune to at 10PM tonight, July 17, for the Season 2 opener. [If you’re just reading this now: dig into past episodes on YouTube and subscribe to never miss a set.]

Many local clubs and independent promoters are in a tough place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. TIMEKODE simply asks that you make like you’re buying a drink at the bar and donate to their PayPal. Thanks to TIMEKODE patrons, Memetic and Zattar raised $700 to split with local music organizations such as Flava Factory, Possible Worlds, Debaser, Cinqhole, and their usual venue D’Afrique.

While Season 1 was as much about the music spaces and space makers, Season 2 is Memetic and Zattar levelling up with all that they learned from on-the-fly streams in early days of the pandemic. “It’s about expanding what we’re doing,” says Memetic, “and playing around with the kinds of content we can create, all focused around the music we love, but streaming more than just live sets.”

Though Memetic would not name names before opening night, he says TIMEKODE will start promoting guest artists on, recorded remotely for the time being. Watch this space and follow @timekode for updates.

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