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Photo: Harea Band at Shenkman Arts Centre (courtesy of Rogers TV)

Live Stream: Encore Ottawa Watch Party—Feb. 26 at 8pm

By Greggory Clark on February 26, 2021

Live stream on YouTube: Friday, Feb. 26 at 8PM

A series of concerts taped behind closed doors at the Shenkman Arts Centre begin airing tonight in a 1-hour YouTube special. Seiiizi, Harea Band, Mischa, Céleste Lévis, and Pony Girl are just some of the 16 Ottawa music acts that were booked to play sets in the empty 500-seat venue. This page of production safety notes describes how the camera crew used cranes and robotic cameras to shoot the performers from a distance.

Following tonight’s YouTube Watch Party, the 16 concerts will air in full on Rogers TV (cable and free streaming) in weekly double-headers through spring 2021.


  1. Marie-Clo
  2. Jess Wedden
  3. Harea Band
  4. Crystalena
  6. Céleste Lévis
  7. Andrew Cassara
  8. KAR33M
  9. Pony Girl
  10. Moonfruits
  11. Mischa
  12. Seiiizi
  13. Rosalyn Dennett
  14. Taming Sari
  15. Iamsoulful
  16. Sing Song Party Time

Tune into the live series premiere via YouTube on Friday, February 26 at 8pm. RSVP for updates via Facebook. Visit for the complete schedule of concerts.