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Photo: Mattijs Van der Velde (IG: @thirdeyefoto)

Latin Sparks: Ottawa’s largest block party and dance festival—06.09.18 at Albert Island

By Apartment613 on May 31, 2018

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Ottawa’s got an eye for culture

After a long and tiresome winter, Ottawans can’t wait to take advantage of patios, beaches, and outdoor festivals. And, a group of individuals have been working day and night to give the city exactly what it’s been waiting for.

Introducing Latin Sparks: Ottawa’s Largest Block Party. A night of dancing, music and Latin culture.

Photo: Mattijs Van der Velde (IG: @thirdeyefoto)

This year, however, the Latin Sparks crew has decided to take on a new challenge—Latin Sparks in Toronto. Not only have promoters booked a coach bus to bring T.O. partygoers to Ottawa on June 9, but organizers of Ottawa staple party are making the return trip this summer for the first Latin Sparks Toronto event on August 11.

Kareem Aly, co-founder and marketing director of Latin Sparks Festival says “It’s funny that most huge festivals and events start in the bigger cities such as Toronto and Montreal, then expand into smaller cities. For us, Latin Sparks started in Ottawa—and that will always be its home!”

The crew knows that Ottawans’ receptiveness to different cultures is the key catalyst for the success of this event. “More than 90% of our attendees are not Latin, but rather, are those curious about Latin culture, food, and dance,” Kareem elaborates.

Photo: Mattijs Van der Velde (IG: @thirdeyefoto)

The festival started in 2012 with a small group of 40 friends getting together on Sparks Street to dance outdoors. Four years later, the event attracted over 4,000 attendees and moved to a bigger venue on Albert Island. Embarking now on its seventh year, the Latin Sparks Festival has become a much-awaited summer attraction in Ottawa and, soon, across Ontario!

First-time Latin Sparks attendees can anticipate live performances, traditional Latin street food, live musicians, dance workshops, but mostly, the time of their lives. Whether you have two left feet or have been born to dance, you are guaranteed a great time.

Latin Sparks Festival takes place at Albert Island on Saturday, June 9. Tickets cost $25 online. Discounted group rates are available. RSVP to the party on Facebook.

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