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Local loyalty and spontaneity behind Kitchen Party’s success

By Renata Pistone on April 10, 2012

The 10th consecutive Kitchen Party coming up on April 13th represents a veritable decathalon of dance parties. It is also a moment to reflect on the musical milestone achieved by Jose Palacios and Pawel Skorupski (aka DJs Hobo and Sweet Cheeks).  What does KP 10 hold in store for the incumbents and newcomers? If it is anything like its predecessors, I strongly advise you to get in kitchen and listen.

“Music-wise it is amazing that we can play whatever we want, anything that we like”, Pawel explains, “I can’t really tell you what I am going to play that night, it could be what I have been listening to and a crate of records I really enjoy – but that is why we love doing this; you do your best and people are open to new music and classics. We do 20 minute rotations, and it’s totally organic.”

With all this spontaneity and without a playlist, you can entrust your entertainment to the sweet beats of DJ Hobo, DJ Sweetcheeks and DJ Chris International, brought into the creative fold for the tenth Kitchen Party coming up on Friday April 13th.

Local loyalty is an essential ingredient of Ottawa’s Kitchen Party: the Rochester Pub serves local brews on tap, and the owner enjoys having the party in his kitchen.  The venue hasn’t changed since the series launched last June. The Rochester Pub continues to host this party – the pub’s classic architecture gives it some nice acoustics.

That creative collaboration is another ingredient that keeps the party going.  Palacios describes a vibrant DJ community in Ottawa.  Inspired by longstanding events such as Timekode and Disorganized, the DJs baptized their own brand in St. Brigid’s during Promdemonium.  The evening was a divine DJ moment for both, as it was Palacios’ first public gig.

“We were only asked to play because the organizer realized they had booked a band for the basement, and they had this whole empty space upstairs”, as Skorupski describes the debut.  “We were just playing for people who were coming in, checking their coats and going downstairs to listen to the band.” As the night progressed, the DJ mixes drew the crowd from the basement to a higher plane: “We just kept playing our sets, and at one point I looked up, and everyone had come upstairs and people were dancing in the pews.”

Many gigs later, the boys very much take the local music scene into consideration. “There is no need to compete,” Skorupski affirms, as Palacios elaborated on his opinion “What would be great for local DJs is not necessarily that Kitchen Party gets bigger – but for there to be more events.”

Kitchen Party started as an event among friends and has stayed friendly throughout its monthly events. While the duo acknowledged that the club scene is designed for a certain clientele and musical taste, Palacios and Skorupski credit the success of KP for keeping true to its local roots and bringing in people who are open to the music and dancing, in a pretension-free zone.

KP 10 will be held at the Rochester Pub 502 Rochester Street on Friday April 13th 2012.

Doors open and drinks flow at 9:30pm, but floorboards don’t bounce until 11:00pm.

The guest DJ for Kitchen Party 10 – DJ Chris International – can be experienced on a monthly basis at Raw Sugar on the first Saturday of the month with DJ Daisy.

You can follow Kitchen Party on Facebook and download tracks from their website at