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Keychain’s party rock takes over the Rainbow Bistro

By Alejandro Bustos on June 9, 2015

Everyone has their secret pleasures. Some people love chocolate, others like watching sappy TV.  Me? I love heavy metal.

Now, while I enjoy all kinds of music, (I listen to everything from Miles Davis to Vivaldi to Inti-Illimani to Felix de Housecat), there is a part of me that will always crave roaring guitars, loud drums and thumping bass.  So when I heard that Montreal party rock band Keychain was playing this Thursday, June 11 at the Rainbow Bistro a part of my subconscious mind immediately pushed me to do the two-finger horn salute.

But is this up-and-coming group really ready to rock?  More importantly, what can Ottawa audiences expect from their upcoming show?

“Raw, uncut, savage Party Rock!” replies vocalist JP LaChapelle.  “We’ll be 100% on our game to perform for Ottawa like we’re tearing up a stadium.”

Guitarist Bran Panic also promises a fun night out.

“It’s gonna be a great line-up which will include artists from the Rosner Management Services team: Eigger, The Reckless Famous, Centrifuge, Taos Hum and Lucky Widmore,” he tells Apartment613.  “So be prepared for a blast!”

Encouraging words indeed.  If you want get a taste of the group, listen to their new single Shock Rock City, a fun tune that is manna for any head banging music lover.  Their debut album, meanwhile, is set to come out in January 2016, while in the interim they plan to release a few more singles and videos to continue generating buzz.

Turning back to their Ottawa show, while chatting with JP and Bran via email, I discovered that they combine their party sounds with some pretty thoughtful views.  Take, for instance, their comment that Shock Rock City is the group’s playground and the audience’s canvas.

“Our playground is the stage, the studio and the jam-space,” says singer JP.  “Your canvas is your imagination.  How you paint the message is done with your own colours, interpretation and strokes. . . .  And that’s exactly what we want: Unique people bringing their personalities and creativity confidently and courageously to the social discourse – to paint the most beautiful mural of any movement yet.”

Amen to that I say, and here’s to rocking out on Thursday.