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By Apartment613 on June 21, 2013

Review by Devan Marr

55 min | Physical, Solo | G

My first thoughts on the opening scene were, “this is going to be a weird one.”  It was, but delightfully so.  Emma Zabloski’s one woman show is highly physical, quirky, and heavy on the audience participation.  Have you ever wondered how your memories are kept? Are they organized row by row in boring filing cabinets?  Or are they arrayed on a clothes line in a methodical madness?  What if keeping your memory was a job someone had to do?  Complete with stressful days, bad performance reviews, and a general feeling of under appreciation.  Well rest assured, all these questions and more are answered in Keeper.

The basic context is that Ms. Zabloski plays the role of a ‘Keeper,’  a hard working, if eccentric, individual in charge of dealing with the memories of a person.  In this case, it’s Emma Zabloski herself.  So Emma Zabloski plays the Keeper who is keeping the memories of Emma Zabloski.  It’s all rather cyclical.

The show was my second of the day and kept me smiling throughout.  Ms. Zabloski brings a happy energy to the stage that is just infectious.  As the quirky ‘Keeper’ of Emma Zabloski’s memory, we watch as she balances telling us about Emma’s life dealing with the day to day demands of the job.  Of course, like all jobs there are the bad days.  So while the show is mostly fun and fancy free, it has a nice human touch to it.  After all, we all want to be appreciated for the work we do, and the roll of Keeper is no different.

Keeper is definitely a learning experience.  Not only did we learn it takes roughly 12 seconds for something to be committed to long term memory, I also learned that I am not very good at making vagina shaped perogies.  Like I said, it was heavy on the audience participation.

The show is taking place in Studio 311 of the theatre building which means a bit of a trek up some stairs and no raised seating.  I suggest the front row to get the full experience of the opening scene.  I also suggest the front row because you just might get a kiss from Ms. Zabloski herself.  That being said, not even the second row is safe from a little bit of interactive fun.  For those of you turned off by the idea of audience participation, don’t be.  It’s harmless and if I can go up and awkwardly make genital shaped perogies, so can you.

Keeper is playing in Studio 311 on Friday the 21st at 9pm; Saturday the 22nd at 7:30pm; Sunday the 23rd at 5:30pm; Tuesday the 25th at 9pm; Wednesday the 26th at 7:30pm; Thursday the 27th at 9pm; Friday the 28th at 7:30pm; Saturday the 29th at 9pm; and Sunday the 30th at 4pm. Tickets are $10.

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