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Joey Lansdowne offers eclectic fare & elegant cocktails

By Kelsey Sunstrum on April 14, 2015

Self-described as a casual premium restaurant, Joey Lansdowne nails the delicate balance of comfort versus class. The eatery officially opened its doors this past Saturday, April 11th, further establishing the new Lansdowne area as a blossoming foodie mecca.

Joey Lansdowne is just one of many Joey establishments across the country. It is a franchise that prides itself on fresh ingredients and exotic flavors. Spacious and bright, the spot is a great lunch destination or pre-game pick.

Upon first glance at the menu of other Ontario Joey locations, I’ll admit I had my reservations. Boasting sushi options beside an entrée of chicken enchiladas, the menu made me question whether they would be able to master the wide range of cuisines offered.

While I don’t like to, I will admit when I’m wrong. And wrong, I was. (The first and last time.) From the mezze platter to the bite-sized lobster grilled cheese to the tandoori chicken flatbread, each dish was as tasty as it was eclectic.

Amongst my favorite bites of the evening, the sushi cone was what sold me on Joey Lansdowne.  It was much like what I imagine a sushi wrap would be like.

Comprised of cucumber, tempura shrimp, avocado, spicy mayo, and a sprinkling of sesame seeds, each mouthful is a burst of flavor coupled with a welcomed crunch.

Another notable try was the tandoori chicken flatbread. Soft dough topped with tender, well-spiced chicken bites, red onion, cilantro, and a generous drizzle of yogurt, it is the definition of elevated comfort food. Other menu items I’m looking forward to on my future visits include the Korean-fried cauliflower (KFC!), and the BBQ salmon rice bowl. Gluten-free? There are plenty of options for you, as well as our vegetarian friends.

Oh, and can we talk about the cocktails? I had the treat of sampling the Elderflower Collins, a concoction of gin, elderflower, and freshly squeezed grapefruit. The grapefruit’s color and bittersweet taste are the highlights of the dainty drink. I can’t wait to try their crafted slushes, too, especially the AMF Spanish Margarita. This would be ideal to sip on during the upcoming hot summer afternoons.

The restaurant is a feast for your eyes as well as your stomach. The open kitchen and large, central bar can be mesmerizing as you watch the skilled, quick staff work their magic. With generous seating picks, you determine how you will spend your time at Joey Lansdowne. For a hearty meal, choose a cushioned booth or for an after work cocktail or meeting, opt for a table near the bar where you can also people-watch.

Whether it’s for the delicious cocktails or the international fare, please do check out Joey Lansdowne next time you’re in the area.

Joey Lansdowne  is located at 825 Exhibition Way, Unit 103. For hours and reservations, check out their website or call 613-695-5639.