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Photos courtesy of Jeremy Hotz.

Jeremy Hotz: Misery loves an audience

By Christine Seguin on February 11, 2016

Ottawa native and standup road warrior Jeremy Hotz will be airing his grievances on Saturday February 13th at the National Arts Centre as part of his International Man of Misery Tour, presented by Just for Laughs.

JeremyHotz_Headshot_NEW_APP2015 (1)Fans of comedy will recognize Hotz’ signature stance:  sideward facing, chin leaning on hand and furrowed brow.  He has a knack for pointing out the dark side to just about anything.  Not everyone can say they can make a living complaining. “Misery is my inspiration for everything.  I like to talk about the darker side of things in life that other people seem to take for granted. I walk around the street and I look at something and will be like “oh god”.  Where other people will look at something and see joy and happiness, I see misery and depression.

Darkness and comedy have always gone hand in hand but Hotz seems to always have it at the forefront.  I asked him if he thinks having such a dark side has helped his career.  “I think all comics have some form of depression or mental illness, but for me it has been a big part of my career. I think that’s why I have lasted so long and why people keep coming to see me all the time. I bring it to the stage and I am very honest about the way that I feel.  I have been diagnosed with this generalized anxiety disorder so now maybe it has something to do with that. Maybe I am lucky to have it.”

While Jeremy will be touring the country with new material, he is not one to shy away from keeping things loose and improvised.  He’ll often comment on the host city where he is performing. “The audience seems to like that when I go off book and just start complaining.  That’s when I am really at my best.  I work without a net and I am just talking to people and creating material out of that right up on stage.  Sometimes that could be really magical.  I took a walk around St-John with my brother today and we noticed some stuff and it will turn up in the show tonight somehow. I don’t even know how yet but it will.  At this point I trust myself.

Since he will be appearing in his hometown on Saturday, the audience will surely be regaled with local observations.  “The Royal Ottawa hospital, is that still around?  I thought I was going to end up there.  Looking out a window and seeing that green water tower, that’s what I thought my life was going to be. I won’t go near that place now because I think someone is going to grab me and pull me where I should be.”

Jeremy Hotz will be performing at the National Arts Centre at 7pm on Saturday, February 13, 2016. Tickets start at $37.50 and are available online