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Scotland, photo by Jamie Kronick.

Jamie Kronick documents life of touring musician

By Maria-Helena Pacelli on May 24, 2016


Local drummer and photographer Jamie Kronick was recently honoured with a grant from the Ottawa Arts Council.  The Project X Photography Fund provides $1000 to help produce an Ottawa area artist’s photo-based project.

Kronick received the award for his project 65MPH, which documents his experiences touring as the drummer of Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers, playing 83 shows in 108 days in 9 countries around the world.

Losing track of time and space and spending so much time on the road in a van, he began documenting landscapes from inside the van. He applied for the Fund determined to make a book with this work whether there was financial assistance or not.

The landscapes he gathered were diverse and sublime and told a different story from what he was seeing as he looked out from the window of the van onto scenes that scarcely changed over countless hours and kilometers of travel.

In a practice based primarily in portraiture, this was a departure from his usual work, though it took things one step further in terms of his interest in exploring his subjects’ relationships with their environment, and staying close to his love of music to “use photography to depict aspects of music & the world that surrounds music that are unseen.

It’s an affirmation for any artist to receive recognition for their work, and for the artistic community, finding out more about groundbreaking work that demonstrates artistic excellence is a strong reminder to continue pushing ourselves and it can be especially inspiring for emerging artists to see their peers being recognized for their work.

His suggestion for emerging artists is to “Create the work you’re compelled to create, no matter what obstacles may present themselves. The best work is always the work that for whatever reason you just need to make. Don’t do it for anyone but yourself, and don’t concern yourself with what you perceive others may be thinking. Stay true to your inner dialogue”

Jamie will be launching the book in September 2016.  For more information, see his website or follow him on Twitter or Instagram.